30 by 30

I have noticed that a lot of people have made “bucket lists” of things that they want to do. My goal is to complete this list of 30 things before I turn 30. Some of these things were on my list before I ever published it, but I look forward to hopefully completing all of these things within the next 6 years! These are in no particular order…

1. Graduate college with a bachelor of science in education (completed May 2013)

2. Get a teaching job (completed August 2013)

3. Get married (completed July 2014) 

4. Swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove (completed December 2015)

5. Buy a home with my husband

6. Create an emergency account by following a savings plan

7. Take a road trip from coast to coast

8.  Become a mom

9. Run a half marathon

10. Take a photography class to capture all of the special moments in life (completed April 2015)

11. Go on a hiking trip

12. Find a charity that I love and volunteer my time regularly

13. Become health conscious

14. Be an inspiration

15. Go on a cruise

16. Start a garden (completed May 2015)

17. Visit wine country

18. Learn to crochet or knit (completed February 2015)

19. Live in another state (completed June 2015)

20. Start a business (completed September 2014) Opened my Etsy shop!

21. Become more confident in myself

22. Run regularly

23. Practice and learn to do yoga

24. Learn a new language (started in June 2015)

25. Be debt free

26. Start a book club (virtual or in person) (completed April 2015)

27. Pay it forward to a complete stranger

28. Make time for “us”

29. Become a cook (started! Can this one even really be done??)

30. Be the best wife that I can be